2023 Industry report

Mondelez’s annual State of Snacking study reported 52% of adults around the world agreed that snacking has been a “lifeline” throughout the pandemic, and that 88% of adults are snacking as much, or more, than they were prior to the pandemic.

Here at Capture Intelligence, we wanted to see how people were interacting and engaging with these healthier alternatives and outline where the current opportunities lie for brands already in, or wanting to move into this space.

We utilised social listening to monitor what consumers are genuinely talking about to create a snapshot of real conversations in the wider online landscape, analysing 350k discussions globally within the past 6 months.

Download our report to find out:

  • What people say about healthy snacks and what brands need to know about this demand
  • When consumers talk about snacking, what are the key themes?
  • Are there any differences in the language between different social platforms that could inform content strategy? 
  • How utilising language analytics can inform new product development