Behind every good business decision, there’s intelligence

By defining new research standards, Capture Intelligence helps brands and research pioneers understand the voice of the consumer.


We’re always listening

It’s what we do. Whether that’s on social, through forums, or your own customers’ feedback. There’s always a voice to be heard, an audience for you to connect with, and something new to learn about them.

Because when you listen, you give your brand the best chance of success.

Why data intelligence?

Our belief is simple: all work should start with data. This is why we’ve built our own products to deliver solutions for any research problem.

We like to call ourselves a global language analytics agency. Our end-to-end solutions enable us to listen to what’s out there, digest and interpret insights, and use our learnings to empower your business decisions in 10 native languages.

Data driven solutions for your business needs

We’ll provide an end-to-end solution that future-proofs your route to insights and drives your business forward.

Data Consultancy

Optimising complex data sources to gain a broader picture across your data landscape.

Marketing Insights

Defining the core actions and plan to create connections with audiences that matter most.

Measurement Frameworks

Developing brand tracking frameworks to understand key performance drivers for your business.

Business Insights

Combining data and analysis to identify new opportunities and provide deeper understanding of problems you may be facing.

An unrivalled data science toolbox

These are our in-house R packages that the team utilises to deliver solutions for any research problem.


Simplifying language data into more digestible elements such as Term Frequency, Sentiment, and Object Distinction.


Finding hidden groups that share similar characteristics within a dataset.


Helping define and track business outcomes by making the important measurable.


Using network analytics to visualise interactions between social media authors and better understand how conversations flow.


Taking social listening exports to clean and tidy data, so that we can build a more streamlined workflow.

Behind all the listening, there’s results

Meet some of our partners that we’ve helped leverage data intelligence to power their business decisions.

Revolutionised Microsoft’s approach to conducting market research.

Discovered new audiences, and outlined key areas of improvement for both social presence and digital content.

Harnessed gamers’ opinions to monitor game reputation for the most player-focused developer in the world.

Supported Benefit Cosmetics by remodelling their CRM program to focus activity on high-value customers.

Helped Burger King re-define the positioning of the Whopper in the UK, France and Brazil.

Guided the understanding of their target audience’s interests, behaviours and motivations to break into the automotive industry & 4×4 market.

Repositioned an iconic surfer brand to harness a younger target demographic.

Helped Trade Nation understand the trading landscape, and identified their key audience drivers.

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