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Cannes Lions 2024

At Cannes Lions, the advertising and communications industry unites to celebrate the world’s finest creative work. The festival features insights from thought leaders, innovative ideas from top companies, and inspiration from across the creative marketing community.

For the next four days, our team will be analyzing real-time conversations on social media around Cannes Lions. We will provide key insights to keep you well-informed and engaged with the latest developments.



Using Social Listening

With the use of Social Listening, we’re deep diving into social media conversations around Cannes Lions 2024 edition to detect its most relevant aspects and behaviours during the week of its celebration. We have created a series of focused queries around the awards, related events, agencies, and categories to closely monitor the different generators of conversation around the festival.

Day 4


The information gathered is from between Wednesday the 19th of June (16:00h) to Thursday the 20th of June (16:00h)

Day 4 almost turns the tables between 2023 and 2024, after the exceptional increase of mentions this year.

For the first time this week, the difference in volume between 2023 and 2024 is less than 10% (specifically 5%). This is due to Day 4 seeing a 96% increase in mentions this year compared to the 4% increase registered on the same day last year. However, 2023 still remains the most talked-about year.


This significant rise is mainly driven by the increase in social media mentions (excluding TikTok and LinkedIn). Not only did Day 4 of 2024 grow by 131% compared to the 51% increase registered in 2023, but it also surpassed last year’s total volume by 55%.

Twitter and YouTube are once again the predominant platforms, marking the highest volumes of the entire week. The main factor driving the rise in Twitter mentions is, as expected, Elon Musk, with users echoing his talk and highlighting its most quotable moments.


*Including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Forums. Excluding TikTok.


Elon Musk takes the crown

Elon Musk takes the crown today as his talk becomes the most mentioned event of the entire festival, accounting for a third of the total day’s conversation (+1.9K mentions).

During his talk, he makes a strong argument for his active stance on free speech, even if it means causing drops in earnings for his company. This point is among the most quoted aspects of his talk (+1.3K mentions).

McLaren and Lando Norris

Conversations about McLaren and Lando Norris achieve 510 mentions and over 94.2K interactions, largely driven by their own social media strategies.

On platform X, users mostly praise Lando’s appearance, while some critique McLaren for including a male driver in a women in sports panel.

McLaren’s X account leads the day, achieving 7.8K interactions with its top tweet.

Top content on TikTok

“CEO of TikTok Shou Zi Chew at Cannes with content creators”


Top content YouTube

“Elon musk interview regarding the future at Cannes”




Positive (24.8%)

  • McLaren’s X official account shared some pictures of the “Papaya Family” visiting Cannes and their brand lovers gave +290 positive comments.
  • The music video LOST! by RM directed by Aubrey Perrie was launched during Cannes. The Director shared 1 story that ceased to be ephemeral when it was shared as screenshot in Reddit and X more than 130 times.

Negative (3%)

Day 3


The information gathered is from between Tuesday the 18th of June (16:00h) to Wednesday the 19th of June (16:00h)

The volume of conversation continues its positive tendency – slowly but steady.

This same behaviour was also registered last year, although 2023 showed a slightly greater momentum, doubling this year’s increase (20% in 2023 vs. 10% in 2023). As a result, 2024 closes its third day with 50% less mentions.


Twitter and YouTube are experiencing the significant growths among social media platforms, 121% and 182% increases.

Meanwhile, forums maintain their progressive growth, almost doubling Day 2’s volume, while Instagram is the only decreasing platform. It might be the case that users in this platform are preferring more ephemeral formats, such as Instagram Stories, rather than feed posts.


*Including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Forums. Excluding TikTok.


All about celebrities

Day 3 was all about celebrities, with big personalities entering the scene, mainly in music-related events.

However, Tyla takes the crown as the most mentioned celebrity, gathering 76% of mentions around the Spotify’s Beach, which is also the most relevant topic so far of Cannes 2024, with 445 mentions.


Elon Musk 

Elon Musk receives 411 mentions as a result of his talk regarding AI, positioning himself as the second most commented topic so far in the festival.

Users mainly echo the event and highlight the most quotable moments. In this sense, the mere presence and celebration of the talk is in itself the main generator of conversation, rather than the actual themes covered in the talk (which of course also generate their share of voice).

Top content on X

“Elon Musk perspective on X speech at Cannes Lions”

109 saves

Top content TikTok

“Alessia Russo talking at the Deepblue x Axios panel today”



Positive (38.6%)

  • Tyla and Benson Boone performances at the Spotify beach figure among the most relevant positive drivers.
  • Elon Musk’s talk around exploring frontiers of innovation, creativity and advertising with AI receives 131 positive mentions (Including mentions of Elon Musk himself).

Negative (3.9%)

  • Ashlyn Harris holds a panel while accompanied by her partner Sophia Bush, on Reddit. Users criticize the relationship’s background and arguable cases of infidelity.
  • Cannes Lions advertising in Heathrow receives criticism for not aligning with #MeToo values
  • Punctual mentions from users mentioning to miss Roblox in the festival.
  • Elon Musk is criticized for not accepting questions from press.
  • Reddit is also subject of criticism for giving out “cheap gifts” this year in comparison of last year’s sets of Airpods.

Day 2


The information gathered is from between Monday the 17th of June (16:00h) to Tuesday the 18th of June (16:00h)

Despite having a lower volume of mentions compared to last year, the conversation is growing faster.

Following last year’s trend, the second day of Cannes 2024 increases in volume of mentions, however at a faster pace: 102% more mentions this year vs. 76% more mentions last year.


Comparing Day 1 and Day 2 of 2024, we see a rise of 80% in online media mentions and 171% on social media mentions. This shows a faster growth than last year, which registers a 47% increase in online media and a 98% increase in social media.

When it comes to Social Media platforms, the conversation registered on forums shows the highest increase (2,9K%) after users get involved into Reddit thread conversations around what it is like to be a juror in the awards.

Even more, the rest of the platforms show increases higher than 100%, showing a steady growth motivated by the official start of the event.


*Including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Forums. Excluding TikTok.


Mentions of AI

“AI” receives 108 mentions (47% of them are retweets)

Brands as TikTok and Adobe speak out on different panels around the current use of AI in creativity and what it can mean to the future of creative-related works.

Users and specialized media share images and video of these talks and panels.

Awards mentions

Awards: Grand Prix receives 115 mentions in total, which are distributed in the following way:

  • Health & Wellness
    82 mentions (47.6%)
  • Audio & Radio
    51 mentions (29.6%)
  • Print & Publishing
    39 mentions (22.6%)

Top content Instagram

“Chrissy Teigen and John Legend visits Cannes”


Top content LinkedIn 

“How countries are regulating for GenAI”

1447 reactions


Positive (47.6%)

Negative (2.7%)

  • Negative comments mainly revolve the festival being too busy this year, making it hard to even move across the La Croisette road.
    However, as a counterpart, users highlight this has been counterbalanced with many more events this year, stating it “feels like a 1:1 ratio of events to people. We all get our own”

Day 1


The information gathered is from between Sunday the 16th of June (16:00h) and Monday the 17th of June (16:00h). 

The first day of Cannes Lions 2024 generates a significantly lower amount of conversation compared to last year’s first day.


In terms of Social Media platforms, Youtube and X register the most accentuated decreases of mentions this year.


*Including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Forums. Excluding TikTok.


Talks including women

Talks that put women at the center reach 26 mentions.

Some of the most highlighted talks in this matter are: Equality Lounge by Female Quotient, AdAge’s Leading Women of 2024.

Top content Instagram

Women-friendly policies in the world


Top content X

Taylor Swift will visit Cannes Lions

57 saves

Top content TikTok

“Mary Earps welcomes Mary Earps”



Positive (16.8%)

Negative (0.7%)

  • Politically critical sayings are poorly received by the digital audience.
  • Publicis it’s criticized and accused of appealing to the genocide in Gaza in their campaign.

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